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Fatal Blow - eBook

  • When everyone has a secret, how do you get to the truth?

    In the small town of Hepburn, Pennsylvania, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. When Major Jenkins is found dead, Deputy Leslie Fuller finds himself thrust into the spotlight. What people don’t know is that Leslie was with the mayor only hours before Jenkins was killed. He avoids telling anyone about that visit just yet, which includes his good friend and the new sheriff, Archie Cohen.

    Leslie and his partner Deputy Mae Belle Walker are thrown headfirst into a tangled web of secrets and lies that they must sort through to find the truth. During the investigation, they uncover a trail of likely suspects from disgruntled employees to family members. Everyone seems to have something to hide, including those who were closest to the mayor.

    With each twist and turn, Fuller and Walker inch closer to the truth. As the pressure mounts and the stakes grow higher, Fuller and Walker must navigate the murky waters of small-town politics and personal vendettas to unmask the real killer.

    But with secrets lurking around every corner, will Leslie and Mae Belle be able to separate fact from fiction and bring the culprit to justice?

    One thing is for sure, Leslie and Mae Belle will stop at nothing to uncover the truth, even if it means confronting their own demons along the way.

    With its cast of colorful characters and twisty plot, “Fatal Blow” will keep you guessing until the very end.

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