An Awesome Review of Doublesight

I woke up this morning to an amazing review of my fantasy, "Doublesight", which is part of a series. Book 2, "Memory Tower", is already available, and Book 3, "Fugitives" is in the editing process. There are more after that.

Getting good reviews does more than just help readers find books they'll like, it also adds to eventual interest and sales, and—the most important thing—it's great for the writer's ego. As a writer I often go through period of time when I wonder why I'm even writing at all. We reread books and believe we could do better now (and we probably could). It's not always easy to allow ourselves to just be satisfied with doing the best job we can at the time, we have to want more. So, when a great review shows up, we get to relax for a moment and bask in the feelings that what we wrote was worth writing.

Every time I get a good review, I think my readers—all of them—for talking about my books. What you do is important.

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