Personality Conflict

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I'm going to try this blogging thing again. It's been a while because I'm a novelist and poet, not a memoirest. I have opinions, but they're mine. I do things besides write, but they're private much of the time. Social Media--faceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinerest, Google+--seriously, how many times do I have to type in that my horse got brushed or the cat did something funny (what cat doesn't)? On every platform? Or just on one and then have it go everywhere? And I often wonder who really gives a shit about my life--even my writing process or reasons? Who cares if I write in the morning or how many words I write? And how often do I have to repeat myself over the next ten years?

I write novels, poetry, short stories, nonfiction books about writing, books about my spiritual theories, technical articles. I write a lot. That's what I do. And each book is different. Want to read about me? Why? I live a normal life and that's why I write fiction.

But I'm going to try blogging again--engage with my audience. So, if you're my audience, what do "you" want to know? Let's have a conversation instead of me just blathering on about my mundane life.

So, to get things rolling, I've got notes on about 50 topics that I have opinions about. I'd rather talk about my books--which is what I really love to do--so if you have questions about those, fire away. In the mean time, I'll try to be honest and offer something interesting. If you choose not to ask questions, I've got those fifty topics from five broad categories: writing novels and poetry; writing technical articles; marketing your work; my practices and ideas about spirituality; and miscellaneous.

Stay tuned.

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