We're All in This Together: Families Wrestling with Supernatural Elements

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Here’s Elise's interesting post about families. I know what she means, and find that depth of character comes more eaily when you engage as she's suggesting. -Terry

We’re All in This Together:

Families Wrestling with Supernatural Environments

by Elise Stephens

A brave adventurer walks the mysterious path to a world beset with new rules and hidden dangers…

This could make a great story.

There are plenty of excellent stories in which an individual with no close ties to speak of goes off to enter a magical realm and endure a struggle therein. Or perhaps the world itself is magical, but nothing out of the ordinary for the individual.

Here’s where I state my preference. I don’t want to just see one person on this adventure: I want to see the whole family thrown in.

It would read more like this:

A community of blood-ties walks the mysterious path to a world beset with new rules and hidden dangers…

Sisters. Brothers. Parents. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins. Grandparents. Because there’s nothing that reacts with such wonderfully complicated detail as the family web when it comes to drama, and drama with a backdrop of magic raises the stakes even more.

I’m thinking of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series: a younger brother who is overshadowed constantly by the larger-than-life and high-achieving exploits of his older siblings. He’s driven to do things he would never otherwise do, in his need to live up to their shadows.

Or think of the Wind at the Door, with Meg’s little brother Charles Wallace, the precocious and intelligent boy who Meg loves fiercely and wants to protect—and how it is very different to fight to save your own flesh than to fight and save the flesh of a fried.

This is a real life experiment: Watch how you are drawn to show more determination to protect someone who shares your bloodline than to stick your neck out for a good friend from another clan.

Or perhaps you feel that your friends are more of your “family” that your blood family. Does your behavior reflect this?

My own Mama Bear reactions, (which flare in frightening severity if I see someone act cruelly or carelessly toward my two-year-old son), are a force that can’t be found anywhere else—and a force that I’d bet no one wants to have to encounter.

A husband’s love for his wife changes and grows as he sees her bear their children. Their relationship gains new depth, undergoes massive strain, and gains perspective as they choose how to raise their offspring.

The children grow up inside a network of sibling as well as parental relationships of loyalty, habits, pet peeves, and the unique and exclusive traditions that no outsider can hope to infiltrate.

There are a million ropes and ties—all invisible—that pull and tug and knit family units together.

Families will defend each other, make great sacrifices, give orders, and take risks for each other.

I love to watch rich family dynamics with a strong current of magic flowing around and between them, wreaking havoc and raising the danger and suspense level.

I love to see families in the thick of it.

What are some of your favorite magical stories with families in them?.

Visit Elise Stephens at: http://www.elisestephens.com

Elise Stephens began her career in writing at age six, illustrating her own story books and concocting wild adventures. She earned her degree in Creative Writing at the University of Washington, counts authors Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, and Margaret Atwood among her literary mentors, and has studied personally under Orson Scott Card. She dreams often of finding new means to weave timeless truths into her stories. She is a recipient of the Eugene Van Buren prize for fiction. Her novels include Moonlight and Oranges (2011), and Forecast (2013), and Guardian of the Gold Breathers (forthcoming). She lives in Seattle with her husband and son. Visit her blog www.elisestephens.com and follow her on Twitter @elisestephens

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