Writing the Killer Whale

When Pam Binder accepted my invitation to write a story for Doublesight's Kindle World platform, I was delighted. And I couldn't wait to hear more about why she agreed and what she was going to write. See below. It's pretty interesting... —Terry

How did you come to be interested in the Doublesight Kindle World?

I have known Terry Persun for a number of years and when he talked about his first book in the Doublsight series I was intrigued. He creates a world that is rich with character and world building and draws you in on the very first page. When he asked if I would write a fan fiction story I was honored.

How does your story link to the Doublesight series?

My characters are killer whale doublesights. Like killer whales in our world, they are aware of the conflicts around them, but don't get involved. The set-up is that the whales have been asked to join in the doublesight fight in the Great Land and refuse. They consider themselves a little like Switzerland. When they are captured, that all changes.

Doublesight is an epic fantasy that spans over several novels. What genres or cross-genres do you explore with your story?

I have set up WARRIOR RISING to be the first in a series. There is a touch of romance in Warrior Rising in addition to the fantasy. I also write time travel and plan to explore this element in future stories.

The Doublesight world is basically an Earth-like world, with shape shifters who shift into Earth animals, whether mythic, real, or extinct. What animals do you write about and why?

I chose killer whales as the Earth animals in my story WARRIOR RISING. Although I've always appreciated the beauty of these animals, it wasn't until the first of this year that I became more interested. One of my children was diagnosed with cancer. He has always been aware of the benefits of nature as a way to stay grounded and told me that killer whales are considered healers. After that it felt as though killer whales were everywhere. When Terry asked me to write a fan story for doublesight, I knew exactly what animal I would use.

Tell us a little about your main character. Why do you think readers will like him or her?

There are actually two main characters. The first is Muirenn. When she was in her whale image and pregnant, she was captured and placed in an aquarium I've called Whale Sanctuary. She gave birth to a daughter, and although Muirenn could shift and escape, she stays because her daughter is trapped there. The second character is Max'inux. An outsider, he has a dark past that he brought with him to the Sanctuary. Both characters struggle to cope with past mistakes.

What major theme or idea comes across the clearest in your story? Is this theme found in your other work?

The theme in WARRIOR RISING is forgiveness. We talk about forgiving others, but not enough about forgiving ourselves. In Warrior Rising, Max'inux tells Muirenn. "The cage that threatens your soul is not this one, but the one of your own making."

Do you have a background in writing?

What are you working on next, aside from another piece for the Doublesight Kindle World?

I'm working on the next book in the WARRIOR RISING series called, WARRIOR UNLEASHED. THE QUEST, a time travel set in 15th century Scotland will be released in November and THE WIZARD'S WIFE, in the spring.

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