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What more could a novelist want than people willing to write to his world. I feel so blessed that authors are able to expand my doublesight world in their own way. This romance author has done an amazing job of incorporating doublesight into her story. Here are her answers to my questions.

How does your story link to the Doublesight series?

I used the map in the front of “Doublesight” to find a location I wanted to write about, east of

Brendern Lake, in what I named the Yashmish Valley in the Stulach Mountains. I loved the bears in the first book, even though they made only a brief appearance. They could enter dreamtime, and that’s actually something I had created in one of my books, (Whistle Down the Wind) many years ago. It was a fun coincidence. My hero, Pashadoon, is a bear clan doublesight and is wounded, things get interesting when he’s rescued by the heroine, Saffir.

Doublesight is an epic fantasy that spans over several novels. What genres or cross-genres do you explore with your story?

I’ve combined fantasy and romance, because I’m mainly a romance author. I love writing about relationships, how couples meet, fall in love and resolve their problems and conflicts. I’ve written fantasy romance, steampunk romance, historical romance, and even a gothic romance with steampunk elements. I love doing mash-ups of different sub-genres.

Tell us a little about your main character. Why do you think readers will like him or her?

Because I’m writing a romance, I shift from the hero’s POV to the heroine’s POV throughout the story. It’s common to do that in romance, probably not as common in fantasy. My hero is a bear doublesight, who is loyal, courageous and drop dead gorgeous. The heroine is an apprentice Dranecht, an earth warden with magical powers, and she’s a bit naïve. I hope readers will like the chemistry between these two characters, the way they are drawn to each other, yet the difficulties they face because of the war and other commitments that work to keep them apart.

Share some of your story about becoming a writer.

I’ve been writing for a long time, my first book was published in 2002, when I was a finalist in a national contest, “New Historical Voice” sponsored by RT Booklovers Magazine and Dorchester Publishing. I got a book contract from that for a western historical, “Beneath A Silver Moon”, and then published my second book with a small press. I’ve been doing Indie publishing for around 6 years, and I enjoy the process of working with editors, cover artists and other professionals. I also like to write what I want to write, on my own schedule.

What makes you interesting outside of your writing?

I do steampunk cosplay, and that means creating my own costumes, weapons, and accessories for steampunk and fantasy events. I have a nice hat collection, and probably too many costumes. I also work for one of the busiest library systems in the country, creating programs for children and teens. I received the Romance Writers of America Librarian of the Year award in 2009.

What are you working on next, aside from another piece for the Doublesight Kindle World?

I’m finishing the edits on my first contemporary romance about a TV lifestyle diva who discovers her new show on a big home network is in trouble when her fiancé decides he’d rather be the bride than the groom. She ends up renovating a family lodge on an island in the San Juans with a handsome carpenter. There’s a lot of family dynamics along with a beautiful setting and sizzling romance.

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