8 Reasons why writing fan fiction can help you gain sales

My series, Doublesight, is part of Amazon's Kindle Worlds platform for fan fiction. I am amazed at how often writing fan fiction has helped one writer or another grow their readership. Here are eight reasons I've found:


1) Your books are marketed through my series and my name

2) You’ll be seen under “also bought” with all other Doublesight authors

3) It will broaden your overall Amazon footprint


4) Takes less than a week’s work for a 5000 word story (or larger if you like)

5) Provides practice writing in a new genre or familiar one

6) Because it’s something new, it’s fun


7) Increases the number of books/stories you have available for sale

8) Shows your versatility as a writer

Touch base with me or check Kindle Worlds out here:

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