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My favorite quote about science fiction novel writing


"I believe science fiction should encourage people to think. God knows we have enough forms of amusement that discourage or actively prevent rational thought. Even in most of contemporary literature (and a growing percentage of science fiction), the emphasis is on emotional reaction rather than rational thought. Science fiction is the home ground for the thematic novel today; science fiction can and should be for the thinking reader."

   —Ben Bova, from The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells 


Multiple Award Winner

• Book Excellence Award

• Star of Washington Award

• Forward Magazine Award

• IPPY Award

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WELCOME to my website. 

I've been writing for a living for over thirty years, and have written in many genres. I enjoy playing around with my writing—working in different genres, such as science fiction, fantasy, thriller, crime, romance, and literary. I also write poetry and nonfiction. It has become my lifelong interest and I am always studying how to write better. 

I have been a board member and Agent & Editor Liaison for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) since 2004. I also teach writing at conferences, writers' groups, MFA programs, and anywhere else I'm needed. Writing is my career and my love. So, please enjoy your time here, and I hope you find something that is entertaining and thought provoking.


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