Thought-Provoking Science Fiction 

My favorite quote about science fiction novel writing


"I believe science fiction should encourage people to think. God knows we have enough forms of amusement that discourage or actively prevent rational thought. Even in most of contemporary literature (and a growing percentage of science fiction), the emphasis is on emotional reaction rather than rational thought. Science fiction is the home ground for the thematic novel today; science fiction can and should be for the thinking reader."

   —Ben Bova, from The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells 

Just OUT! Book 1 in the Exit Earth series


Fix the Nuclear Thermal Propulsion drive before there is a complete blowout!


There are no FTL drives, no wormholes, and no methods to bend space. There is only the solar system to inhabit on mankind’s goal to exit Earth.


It’s the depression all over again, only this time it’s happening in space. The Starlight human transport craft depends on skilled work-trade agreements to stay in business. But are the skills available to repair the NTP drive exhibiting possible blowout potential?

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Book 2— Breakdown

Book 2—

"A thrilling deep-space ride that stays with you long after you've finished reading." 
What Readers Say:
• "Makes you think about the assumptions and judgements we make every day."
• "A novel not to be missed." 
• "Not your usual space opera." 

• "Thought-provoking." 

Sky People​ 
 Zima doesn't want to be a warrior, doesn't want to conquer a planet, and doesn't want to be in charge—but that's exactly what he's asked to do.

Ultimately, Zima must find the strength within himself to hold his team together, sort his emotional challenges, and devise a plan to help Floral's native people—all while surviving the natural threats of a newly discovered planet.

science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
Revision 7: DNA
Time traveling robots, a walking medical experiment turned detective genius, and a kidnapped psychic combine in a story that will get your heart pumping.
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
Backyard Aliens
Aliens run from the US government, while Neil and Mavra try to protect them. Once the aliens are moved to Area 51, a new plan has to be devised. 
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
Cathedral of Dreams
In Newcity bad feellings are not allowed or your monitoring chip will alert the police to bring you in for treatment. Keith begins to have strange visions that lead him outside to a totally different set of problems.


of the Year


science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
Hear No Evil
Hear No Evil mixes space opera with science fiction mystery to deliver a fun-filled and dynamic story that will make you think about humanity's place in the galaxy.