Plot-Twisting Mysteries

I'm a cross-genre writer, and a lot of my novels have elements of technology or the occult in them, except for these books, which are pretty much straight-up crime novels.
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
Coming Clean
A Detective Ink Crime Novel: After Fred Lancing retired from his top secret position with the Air Force, he takes a janitorial job at Detective Ink and finds his way into solving a crime. 
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
Man by the Door
In this romantic mystery, Abbey Stark, a young marketing manager, gets in the middle of the murder of her father's technology rival. As she follows the person she thinks is the culprit, she slowly falls for the guy. 
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
Mistake in Identity
Simon Harry is a straight-shooting, foul-mouthed, homicide detective with a stripper girlfriend. He thinks his latest murder case will go smoothly, but find himself in the middle of a prostitution ring instead.