Mind-Bending Fantasy

I'm a cross-genre writer, and a lot of my novels have elements of technology or the occult in them. After studying conscious dreaming, soul retrieval, animal totems, and other paranormal and occult subjects, I decided to include them in my novels. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.

Shaman Detective

Occult Suspense Series

Dan Johnston thought he was going to retire quietly and just take on a few clients who needed their spouse to pay more attention to them or to have their boss not be such a problem at work. But when he son, Jason, shows up to learn the trade, all that changes.


The NSA Files
A retired shaman is contacted by the NSA to solve a serious political problem, but he must work with an arrogant computer nerd and the son he hasn't seen in years.. 
The Voodoo Case
A missing person, an evil entity, and  New Orleans—Dan Johnston, the shaman detective, and his son Jason are asked to find a missing paranormal investigator. 
Stealing Childhood
The FBI hires Dan and Jason to help them end a human trafficking ring. When they find out that other shamans are involved, their approach has to change. 


Epic Fantasy Series

In this epic fantasy series, I began with the struggles of those who are different. I chose shape shifters—based on a person's totem animal—to explore the subject of race, gender, and religious or cultural battles that play out every day in this world.


science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
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