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Mind-Bending Fantasy

I'm a cross-genre writer, and a lot of my novels have elements of technology or the occult in them. After studying conscious dreaming, soul retrieval, animal totems, and other paranormal and occult subjects, I decided to include them in my novels. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.

Shaman Detective
Occult Suspense Series

Dan Johnston, the character in the shaman detective series: 
• Keeps a notebook of things he sees and hears to help him solve crimes.
• Is a retired shaman that the government keeps calling back into practice.
• Gets along with very few people, including his own son who he bickers with.
• Wants to help and do the right thing even when everything goes haywire.
• Has three cats—Dippy, Rascal, and Flow—that he loves.
The NSA Files​

A retired shaman is contacted by the NSA to solve a serious political problem, but he must work with an arrogant computer nerd and the son he hasn't seen in years.. 
The Voodoo Case.jpeg
The Voodoo Case​

A missing person, an evil entity, and  New Orleans—Dan Johnston, the shaman detective, and his son Jason are asked to find a missing paranormal investigator. 
StealingChildhoodFinal-FJM-small for sit
Stealing Childhood​

The FBI hires Dan and Jason to help them end a human trafficking ring. When they find out that other shamans are involved, their approach has to change. 

Epic Fantasy Series

In this epic fantasy series, I began with the struggles of those who are different. I chose shape shifters—based on a person's totem animal—to explore the subject of race, gender, and religious or cultural battles that play out every day in this world—all within a fantasy world.


science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
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