Weird, Mainstream, Minimalist Short Stories

Science Fiction

A Clean Break

Palmer Luce has a bad feeling about this. The mission is pure suicide—but the money is worth it—if she survives.

Jeremy's World
In the future, a black box is used to produce whatever you wish for—but, a little power can cause some unwanted results. 
Meat House
The streets have become too dangerous for Desmond. But, the company has an offer for him. All he has to do is give something up. 
The Abrinsk of Youth
For an older man, youth can look pretty good, but how you have to acquire it can be a bit tricky.


Psychic Circus

Attending the circus has always been fun, but what if the circus acts were truely unbelievable? What if they weren't real at all?

Saving Tinika

​Tinika is lost in the woods, but relies on a friend to help her. The fire only makes saving Tinika even that much more important, no matter what the outcome.

Escape From Hell
When you've been banished to hell, there are only a few ways to escape. Not easy ways, mind you. And, you may not remain safe.


The Beach Cabin

​Memory can play tricks on a man whose wishes for the past might be stronger than the reality of the present.

Death Speech

A stranger attempts to hypnotize another man into committing suicide, but somehow things go all wrong.

Finding a Little Courage
Jordan has had a rough time of it lately, and is considering the unthinkable. But mabye all he needs is a little courage.


The Applicant

What happens to a young man who is desperate to find a new job so that he can feed his family?

Voyeur & Other Stories
These stories are each under about 800 words, and run the gamut from contemporary through science fiction.
Hard Driver
This is a short story about a trip I took at one time. I thought it was going to go smoothly when I left one dark night for home, little did I know.


Abstract Writings
In this collection you'll find many previously published short stories, as well as a few that have not been published. Stories range from science fiction and fantasy to mainstream to weird tales of the paranormal  
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