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From historical fiction (Civil War to Vietnam War) to magical realism, to literary and mainstream, I've always enjoyed mixing my interests with my writing, which makes every story unique.  


Terry Persun's Official Newsletter

Magical Realism

Wolf's Rite
In this novel, an advertising executive is led to spiritual awakening by mystical Native Americans, and discovers love and violence at the edges of sanity . 

WINNER—Star of Washington 


The Perceived Darkness
In this novel, we find nine people who meet at a party and how quickly their lives begin to intertwine. This is a raw, realistic, and harrowing novel about friendship, betrayal, and madness.
Giver of Gifts
A lyrical and insightful meditation on morality and spiritual life, this novella tells the story of a schoolteacher who's mysterious encounter with a deer gives him the key to reopen his heart. 

USA Book News Best Books Awards

Deception Creek
After being raised by his mother with help from his paternal grandparents, a young man is overwhelmed by emotion when he finds that his past isn't what he thought it was.
To Our Waking Souls
In this paranormal story, Richard looks for solitude and reflection when he happens upon an old factory where he goes into a trance and relives a past life with his soon to be ex-wife.
The Witness Tree
In this magical realism novel, a troubled, brillian artist explores the connections between creativity, madness, and a man's relation and interaction with the natural world.


Sweet Song
In this post Civil War historical novel, a mulatto, wrestling with a divided heritage, puts himself in danger when he chooses to pass for white while traveling through Pennsylvania . 

WINNER—Silver IPPY Award 

Ten Months in Wonderland
In this Vietnam era novel, a young Airman stationed in Thailand is unprepared for the seamy underbelly of hardcore booze, druges, and sex. 

Finalist—International Book Awards