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Admittedly, I always go back to poetry. I write and publish poems every year no matter what my other projects are or how they are doing. Poetry is the lifeblood of all my work.   


In Coyote Sunlight
In this New and Selected collection, Terry picks his favorite poems from each of his published collection, which shows his versatility in mood and subject matter. 
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Other Worlds
The future isn't laid out perfectly. There are many ways we could turn: clones, space travel, or remain on Earth. In these poems, nature is often replaced with technology as our senses become blurred.  
Horse Logic
Poems explore what it's like to own horses. Everything from the calm of day and night, to feedings in winter, to how every day can be the same as well as different. 
Balancing Act
Poems discuss and explore our need for balance in our lives, in our surroundings, and in our thinking. 
Beautys Run Road
"This rich combination of imagery and sensory detail does what poetry should do: transport readers into sounds, smells, textures, and images they have never before experienced."  

—Sarah Zale, author of Sometimes You Do Things
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Navigating Wind
Poems that expand and discuss how we, as humans, move forward with difficulty while nature moves forward with ease.  
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
In this double-author volume, Mr. Persun's "Sentences" are "...crafted meditations that illuminate a world of work, art, chores, relationships, and this universal man's place within it."  —Gary Copeland Lilley
Broken Fingers
My latest poetry collection is meant to show the breadth of my writing and has sections on change, nature, relationships, and poems about poetry. Nearly 50% of these poems have been previously published in a variety of literary journals. 
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
And Now This
These poems transport us back in time to Beutys Run and a boy who was too far downstream to be called home. Poem after poem, we bond with the narrator who lives among invisible winds and who lets go of his song in hopes it may fly.
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
Every Leaf
Persun delivers in quality of language as well as quality of imagery. The poems explore emotion and fact in a way that draws the reader in and doesn't let go until the last page is read. 
Each of these chapbooks show another side of Terry Persun's poetry. 
science fiction, robots, time machine, thriller
Barn Tarot
These poems are clean and sudden as pain, a pain that sometimes drives them into new rooms where they can surprise and energize us with their struggle and with their willingness to see clearly. 
science fiction, utopian, dystopian, novel
Problems with Opaque
This book contains six previously published poetry chapbooks from various publishers. Each chapbook has its own focus, which stems from love and loss to family and kindness. 
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