Make Money Writing
The companion book to the video series, Make Money Writing helps freelancers to understand the magazine business and how to get published writing what you want.
Tell Don't Show
This book helps authors understand the rules so that they can successfully break them. Many examples from published books are used to help show you how you can produce stronger prose. 
Guidebook for Working with Small Independent Publishers
If you've tried to work with large publishers and want to give up, read this book. Small publishers have a lot to offer new authors. 


Divine Magnetics
Introduction to a basic magneto-mechanical model compared to a standard metaphysical model of consciousness and manifestation. This theory is meant to be a starting point for discussion. 
Simple Practices
Here's a way to live a fuller and more successful life without dropping out or starting over. These practices will help you get in touch with who you are and what you love.
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