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The Great Depression in space!
Families must stick together to survive.

The Flannery family has all the right talent to survive in space until their transport ship has propulsion trouble. That’s when their oldest son, Jacob, chooses to put himself in danger to save thousands of passengers.

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There is no FTL drive technology and no wormholes. 
All mankind has its own solar system to colonize.

What reviewers are saying

"Excellent read! The plot was well laid out and captivating, the characters were intriguing, and I loved that he included an autistic spectrum individual that was well presented."—GMA Kata

"Well written. Insightful. Suspenseful. Highly recommended. [Persun] deftly handles the technology involved, making it both approachable and understanding. —Brian L.A.

"I got hooked right from the beginning. The family at the center of the story really captured me and I wanted to know what was going to happen to them all." —Jennifer

"It's a thrilling sci-fi, yes, but it's also a tale both grand and intimate, of human spirit and tenacity, and a story of personal growth. . ." —Loved it 


Join thousands of happy readers of Terry Persun's EXIT EARTH series, starting with BLOWOUT!

About Terry Persun

Terry Persun is a former airborne navigation equipment specialist and electronics engineer presently freelancing for science and technology magazines. He has won several science fiction awards, the latest being the Book Excellence Award for his novel BIOMASS: Rewind. 


Persun writes in multiple genres, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, mainstream, and poetry. He is a popular speaker at conferences, book clubs, and at low-residency MFA programs. 

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