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The Doublesight novels are:


DOUBLESIGHT — In a world where shape shifters are feared by humans, and murder appears to be the way to eliminate them, finding and destroying the source of the fear is all the doublesight can do.


MEMORY TOWER — A battle emerges between the doublesight and the humans. As two armies build their strength, the bear clan visits the doublesight’s council grounds hoping to help. Then their attempt is thwarted, they must decide on a new plan.


FUGITIVES — Three members of the crow clan run for their lives while attempting to have a sacred vigil for the loss of their fellow doublesight. But with ransoms on their heads, who can they trust?


GARGOYLE — Not yet in control of his own abilities, and unsure about shapeshifting into his beast image, Korlan must learn about his skills, limitations, and power while struggling to save his mother from certain death.

Doublesight Box Set - 4 eBooks

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