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EXIT EARTH box set - eBooks

$9.95 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
  • Climate change has run rampant.

    There is no FTL drive, no wonder drug that can cure any disease, and nowhere to go but into our own solar system. The Earth and its governments are desperate, trillions of dollars are spent on spacecraft, habitats, and terra forming, leaving the people devastated and living in centuries long depression. Servitude is back in the form of trading labor for passage to distant planets and moons, jobs are scarce and hard-won, and often it takes a whole family to keep things going. What helps people to survive is a combination of genius, strategy, and luck. The Flannery family has all three, until their oldest son heads in a new direction. 

    • Blowout — Fix the nuclear thermal propulsion drive before there is a complete blowout! 

    "This first book in the series won me over from the start..."

    • Breakdown — A Shell World is about to collapse! 

    "Even better than the first book, which I loved. The characters are deeply developed, flawed but completely human..." 

    • Declaration — It's big decision time!

    "I didn't want it to end!" 

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