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Fuller and Walker Mystery box set - eBooks

$9.95 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • This is a small town police mystery series. Leslie Fuller is a devoted family man and father who gets involved with kidnappings, murders, and more. 


    "Always a Gun" — Was Toby Wilcox kidnapped or murdered? 

    "Wonderfully written, this is a twisty mystery with real insight into why we make the choices we do and how the lies we tell ourselves can threaten, even destroy, the things we care for most." —Amazon reader review


    "Abuse of Murder" — Who's murdering abusive husbands? 

    "Extremely well written with the one element that makes or breaks this kind of book—the ongoing tension continues from page to page and chapter to chapter. Seriously, I couldn't put it down." —Amazon reader review


    "Cycle of Crime" — Can criminal behavior be handed down? 

    "I enjoyed [this third book] even more than the first two. The tension kept building throughout, plus I've come to enjoy the main characters who are not stereotypes but human beings with honest emotions. The climax alone was well worth the read." —Amazon reader review

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