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Giver of Gifts - eBook

  • Dying of cancer, lost in a snowy forest, Jim mysteriously connects with a deer and rediscovers love and nature's grace.


    A lyrical and insightful meditation on mortality and spiritual life. Giver of Gifts tells the story of a schoolteacher who has lost his daughter and becomes estranged from his family and his life. Now, facing untreatable cancer, he needs to rediscover how to give of himself. Alone in the forest on a winter's day, Jim has a mysterious encounter with a deer that gives him the key to reopen his heart to his wife and son, to reconnect with his own feelings and to share his deepened appreciation of nature and life. 


    "...a beguiling portrait of a dying man who discovers romance in truth and the joys of living in the promise of death." —Adrianne Harun, author of "The King of Limbo and Other Stories"

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