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The Secret Carving - eBook

  • An archaeological discovery has the power to alter the history of mankind forever — which is why it must remain a secret!


    Grace Jackson never expected her friend Edward Bailey to drag her all the way to Thailand, but that's exactly what he did. As an archaeologist, Ed has discovered something extraordinary and unbelievable—a secret carving in a Buddhist temple that could alter the historical record of Thailand and the entire world.


    Grace and Ed must not only protect this secret from the wrong hands, but also save a small group of supernaturally inclined children from an East Indian sect of believers who are convinced that, through an ancient ritual, their leader will gain control of these abilities and use the power for the sect’s own gain.


    With danger lurking around every corner, Grace and Ed must use wit and courage to save the children and keep their secret hidden. Because if the world found out, not only would the children’s lives be in danger, but any child suspected of such power would be rounded up and hidden away to be analyzed and dissected like animals.


    If you enjoyed Indiana Jones or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series, you'll love “The Secret Carving”. Join Grace and Ed as they tackle a thrilling mission to protect an ancient and supernatural secret.

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