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Narrated from the point of view of an old oak tree, this novel explores the connection between man and nature.


Lewis begins his life with an unusual connection with the natural world around him through a ‘common thought’, which provides him with an ability to create the essence of nature in his paintings. Even at a young age, he is extraordinarily perceptive and talented. His twin brother, Jeffrey, on the other hand, is better connected with the business world and eventually takes on the responsibility of selling Lewis’ original works.


The stronger Lewis connects with nature, though, the further he gets from what is considered a normal life, which he strongly desires. Yet, as he pushes towards such a life, he loses his connection with common thought and finds himself lost in an uncreative void. Eventually, Lewis must choose between his art and the more normal life he has always longed for.


The Witness Tree is a story of the spiritual journey of one man who is forced to decide his own path in life.

The Witness Tree - Paperback

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